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Forensic Video Solutions

We are the only independent forensic video company in the UK to offer a whole video evidence package, from recovery to court presentation.

Specialist Security Consultancy

Our consultants are  experts in top level security, with decades of experience of royal and diplomatic protection. Whether its a threat assessment for a new project or working with an existing team, our licenced staff are more than capable.
CCTV Investigation

Area trawls

Incident mapping

CCTV viewing

Case reviews & peer reviews


CCTV Recovery

Forensic footage recovery

Whole hard drive replacement

DVR hire

Live Tracking

Tracking of suspects

Missing person tracking


CCTV Presentation

Professional video editing


Pointer and marker animation

Audio enhancement


Evidence Gathering

Using a range of technical equipment

to gather evidence of various offences from fraud to public order offences. 


Private Investigations

Matrimonial issues

Corporate disputes

Missing person

Open source investigations

Specialist Security Consultancy

New project assessments

Threat & Risk assessments

Personal threat measures

Protestor mitigation

Protective surveillance

......and much more.

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