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Owl Security Solutions Ltd was established to offer a complete video forensic solution. Offering a range of services from cctv recovery to court presentation, and everything in-between.

My last posting as a police officer was based on the cctv unit within the homicide department where we used various companies for different aspects of recovery, editing, analysis and presentation.

I was amazed that there wasn't a single company to offer a 'whole solutions package'. So after 14 years I decided to leave and pursue the idea of creating just that.

From the early days of becoming a qualified CCTV installer to a certified forensic video technician (LEVA) and evidence gatherer (TAVCOM) along with my experience of police evidence procedures, creates the foundation of our business.

We are West Midlands Police only authorised company for CCTV retrieval, with our staff being SIA registered.

So we now offer you a complete solution from recovery to viewing, editing to presentation. 

Based in Kingsbury, North Warwickshire, we are in the best location to travel the country.
So whether its an ongoing operation or the infancy of a new operation, we are ready to support you in every way.
Antony Bradley
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