CCTV is evermore the forefront of effective investigation, with both prosecution and defence relying heavily on digital evidence.


OSS can offer the whole digital package;


Evidence gathering - Fast and efficient location and recovery of CCTV evidence. Staff who have experience in forensic downloading from residential and commercial premises.


Copying and continuity - Once we have gathered the evidence, a working copy will be created as to protect original evidence. This process is recorded within a signed statement and packaged in a way to suit your needs.


Analysis - There is a massive difference between watching a clip of CCTV and viewing and recording the evidence in a manner which can be scrutinised within the legal arena.


Presentation - Best evidence deserves best presentation. There is little point in spending time and money in locating evidence if its not going to be presented in a clear and professional manner. PreSec are leaders when it comes to court presentation, from stills taken from moving images to moving images edited within the legal guidelines to highlight the key points.